Early Learning School


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you with pride to our phenomenal educational offerings at our Early Learning School (ELS) at Reddam House Durbanville. We hope that you glean the high level of education and commitment that has been developed in giving your little one the best possible educational foundation where each child is valued as a unique individual. We are committed to providing your child with every opportunity to learn, develop and form positive relationships in an enabling environment. We look forward to meeting with you as we embark upon this exciting journey together.

We enjoy every moment of our day with all children at our school. We follow the UK Development Matters Curriculum, which recognises the holistic nature of development and learning with an emphasis on children learning through interaction with people and exploring the world around them. We carefully adapt this framework to make it relevant to South African children and ensure it closely links to the Cambridge Curriculum, which is followed by the rest of Reddam House Durbanville. This approach makes the Early Learning School the most rewarding educational facility in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

From the outset, Reddam House Early Learning Schools are also influenced by the unique Reggio Emilia approach, recognising and celebrating each child’s innate abilities and gifts. We regard children as competent and capable, and respect childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful whilst learning. Our Early Learning School environment and classrooms also support the Reggio Emilia philosophy to teaching and learning.


We believe that we are ‘doing it differently’. The children are welcomed into each room personally by the educators who support each child in the transition between home and school. The door into the Early Learning School is the ‘hinge’ between the two most important worlds in your child’s life. 
The rooms are calm, beautiful and organised.

Each space is carefully resourced with natural objects matched with palettes of paint or jars of crayons with the intention of inspiring each child to explore colour, shape and pattern. Construction areas have the beginning of a building to extend and motivate children into their own buildings and imaginative play. In each corner of each room there is a spark of interest waiting for a child to take this forward and direct their own learning and answer their own questions.

We inspire the children to have confidence and imagination towards how they will proceed with their activities, to become creative and critical thinkers who can learn independently. This is what we believe is the most important part of the education we provide at the Early Learning School. Please do come and visit us, taking part in an individual tour so that we can demonstrate to you how all of our children are learning and enjoying their experiences in our school.

Novelist, Kurt Vonnegut asserted that we should “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.” At Reddam House our little ones are our everything! To learn more, watch WE ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS.


Reddam House schools pride themselves on applying the unique Reggio Emilia educational approach to early learning education. This teaching philosophy first developed in post-war Italy focuses on recognising and celebrating each individual young child’s innate abilities and gifts.

Children are regarded as competent and capable in their own right and the philosophy respects childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful. This philosophy along with other recognised teaching methods form a rich and dynamic foundation for early learning.

The layout of the physical space at Reddam House Durbanville has been adapted to encourage choices, problem solving and exploration. Teachers are skilled observers who determine individual needs and build on existing gifts and talents. The approaches are balanced and giving, without undue academic pressure. The methodology encourages a feeling of belonging and instils innate confidence in children. Their learning environment is made to feel safe, welcoming and authentic. 

Documentation of work in progress is made visible on large panels throughout the classroom, thereby keeping the memory of the work vivid and alive.


Reddam House provides a tremendous range of enrichment activities. We encourage every child to find something which they enjoy thus enabling her or him to develop key personal qualities, attitudes and skills.

Extra-curricular activities include: Ballet, Karate, Playball, Music for Little Ones, A+ Students, Rugga Roots, Little Hockey Stars, Soccersize Stars and Kids Coding Academy.


Reddam House Durbanville presents personalised tours of our Early Learning School (ELS). Experience first-hand the joy-filled day of a Reddam child, and explore our beautiful facilities in the company of our ELS Head. Here you have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to find out more about our unique approach to education.


The Reddam House Early Learning School is built upon the unique Reggio Emilia approach, which recognises and celebrates each child’s inherent potential. We regard children as competent and capable learners and respect childhood as a time for exploration, creativity and joy-filled learning. Our beautiful campus and facilities encourage curiosity and instil a love of learning in a secure and happy environment.

Our curriculum revolves around the children’s interests and ensuring that each child’s uniqueness is celebrated.

We welcome applications for children aged 1 to 6 years.