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Welcome to Reddam House Durbanville College with our campus on the beautiful Clara Anna Fontein Estate. We believe true excellence in education is only achieved by a powerful, passionate team of exceptional teachers and managers preparing young, happy and motivated students to stand tall and make their mark anywhere in the world as the global citizens of tomorrow. Our teaching staff, curriculum options and top class facilities provide all the tools our students need for a successful school career and bright future.

Newcomers to Reddam House are often surprised, or taken aback, at how Reddam does education without fear, and still manages to achieve top results. To learn more about our approach to teaching, please watch WE GET UNDER YOUR SKIN. 

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The College at Reddam House Durbanville provides students with a dual curriculum; the very best in international education in the Cambridge International (CI) and the top South African Independent Examinations Board (IEB) schools’ curriculum. We recognise our obligation to offer our students reputable, international, and local curricula, which our parents can trust. Furthermore, we know that the CI and IEB prepare students well for university and life.

The sound reason for the dual curriculum offering at Reddam House Durbanville is to allow our students the opportunity of choice between the two well-respected and quality options - a “win-win” choice.


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Year after year, Reddam House matriculants top the charts of academic excellence when IEB results are announced, and our schools are well known and held in high regard for the delivery of this quality education. Much like the Cambridge curriculum, the IEB is an internationally benchmarked qualification and is equivalent to the Cambridge AS-level.

The Cambridge International curriculum prepares students to sit the international examinations administered by Cambridge University Education faculty. Cambridge International is an examination board that operates under the auspices of Cambridge Assessment which was founded in 1858 as a department of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge qualifications include international A-level, AS-level, O-level and IGCSE. Examinations are open to students internationally at registered Cambridge centres.

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Cambridge is the largest provider of international secondary (aged 14 to18 years) examinations in the world. Cambridge International operate in 160 countries, including the UK and Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, Central and South America and Africa. 

Our students regularly achieve Cambridge Student Achievement Awards, including Top in the World for AS Mathematics and English Language and Literature and numerous Top in South Africa positions in our broad range of Cambridge subjects. 


Reddam House Durbanville offers two respected curricula, the Cambridge International (CI) and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). Our offering also includes a broad range of cultural and sporting activities in a secure, relaxed, self-disciplined environment so we can nurture individuality, talent and self-assurance. We understand the importance of education; we therefore equip our students to face an increasingly challenging global future with pride and confidence by inspiring true excellence in learning.

We strive for excellence in our academics. Every assessment, paper, test and exam matters. We are focused, we are driven, we are motivated and we achieve great things. Little by little, day by day, we pitch up and do our best… To learn more, watch WE'RE ALL IN!

Cambridge International (CI)

The Cambridge International (CI) curriculum prepares students to sit the international examinations administered by Cambridge International (CI). The CI, in turn, is an examination board which operates under the auspices of Cambridge Assessment, which was founded in 1858 as a department of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge qualifications include international A-level, AS-level and IGCSE.

The Cambridge International (CI) curriculum for high school and the Cambridge Primary curriculum are internationally recognised curricula, devised through the University of Cambridge Education faculty. They are based on a set of common principles underpinned by the best educational and assessment practice; quality and coherence delivered through the curriculum with guaranteed assessment standards and high quality resources underpinned by sound training and professional development .

Cambridge International curriculum programmes and qualifications set the global standard for international education. Experts in the field of education reflecting the latest educational research, create the syllabus content providing a strong platform for students to progress from one stage to another. All well supported by teaching and learning resources.

In the College, Cambridge International has two main assessments; IGCSE and AS/A-levels.  These exams are usually taken in grade 11 and grade 12 respectively, with A-levels as a choice for post matric. The results of these internationally set, run and marked exams are transferrable and accepted in every major university in the world – including universities and tertiary colleges in South Africa. 

Beyond the credibility of the syllabus itself, Cambridge International schooling and the syllabus is notably more challenging than local syllabi in all subjects. This has the effect of preparing its candidates far more rigorously, not only for tertiary education requirements, but also for work place critical thinking and problem solving expectations. 

Independent Examinations Board (IEB)

To provide a broader offering to the Reddam House Durbanville community, the College introduced the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum from Grade 10 in January 2018.

Much like the CI (Cambridge International) curriculum, the IEB is an internationally benchmarked qualification and is equivalent to the Cambridge International AS-levels.

Students prepare for an IEB National Senior Certificate (NSC). The following subjects are offered from Grade 10: English (1st Language), Afrikaans (1st Additional Language), Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation (LO), Geography, History, Business Studies, Accounting, French, Art, Design, Drama, Music, Dance, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Computer Applications Technology (CAT), Information Technology (IT), Advanced Programme Mathematics (APM) and Advanced Programme English (APE).

Our students participate in a variety of Olympiads and Benchmark examinations throughout the College. This exposes our students to different types of questions in a variety of styles and formats which builds mental agility and prepares students for the workplace.


The collaborative element of team games is highly valued and students are encouraged to participate in sporting events with a variety of team and individual sports on offer. Dance, Drama, Music and Art and Design are offered as creative outlets for our students and compliments our rigorous academic programme.

Every year, the four Reddam schools in the Western Cape have an inter-schools athletics meeting. This is always a fun, highly contested event. To see how we have been preparing for this event, watch WE ARE PUMPED.

Extra curricular activities include: Hockey, Cricket, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Trail Running, Water Polo, Chess, Choir, Dance.

Dance is one of the many progressive subjects that our schools offer. This creates a unique opportunity for students to take a subject that they absolutely love as a part of their school curriculum. They are thriving in this subject. Growing wings that not even we expected they would. In Dance we learn, in Dance we grow, in Dance we escape. In Dance… We Fly! To learn more, visit WE FLY.

It’s A Family Thing!