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262 IGCSE distinctions achieved by 48 Cape Town students

Forty-eight Grade 11 students from Reddam House Durbanville have achieved a remarkable 262 distinctions in the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations, breaking the school’s 2021 record for best results in the history of this top-achieving globally-recognised school. This year also marks the school’s highest aggregate average ever achieved, at 97.7%. An outstanding 85% average was recorded this year.


Among the most outstanding achievements in a year of stellar results was a 99% mark in the subjects of Maths, Chemistry, and Physics by five students. The Class of 2022’s top achiever, Jake van der Westhuizen, was responsible for three of the seven 99% results, clocking the highest aggregate average percentage ever in the history of the school, at 97.7%. He achieved over 90% (A*) for all seven of his subjects, over and above a 93% mark at AS Level (Grade 12) for his eighth subject, Afrikaans, in November last year.  

Of the seven 99% subject results, five were achieved for Mathematics, by Jake van der Westhuizen, Minkyum Kim, Emma Nel, Marne Campbell and Murray Malherbe. The aggregate average for Mathematics for the year was 87.5%, which was the second highest subject average.

As part of the dual curriculum offered by Reddam House Durbanville, IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an 18-month programme leading to externally set, marked, and certificated examinations from the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. Any student who takes an IGCSE subject gains a qualification that is recognised globally. This dual curriculum approach aligns with the global approach to education which the school prides itself on.

Barry Nieuwoudt, Executive Head of Reddam House Durbanville, comments, “These kinds of results are only possible through the combined effort, passion, and commitment of teachers, students and parents. A huge congratulations to the parents of these dedicated young people.” 

The top 12 achievers in the Class of 2022 IGCSE (Grade 11) were:

  • Jake van der Westhuizen achieved a 97.7% aggregate. He wrote seven IGCSE subjects and achieved 99% for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. Jake achieved an A* (over 90%) for all his subjects. Jake wrote the AS Level (equivalent of Grade 12) Afrikaans exam in November of 2021 and achieved 93%. 
  • Minkyum Kim achieved a 96.4% aggregate achieving 99% for Mathematics. Minkyum wrote eight subjects achieving over 90% for all subjects (A*).
  • Emma Nel achieved a 96.3% aggregate across seven subjects, achieving 99% for Mathematics. Emma achieved over 90% - A* for all her subjects.
  • Matthew van Wyk achieved a 96% aggregate average for his seven subjects, with an A* for each subject (90% +).
  • Tracey Visser achieved a 96% aggregate average across seven subjects with all subjects being 90% and over. 
  • Marne Campbell achieved a 94.7% aggregate average and over 90% for all seven subjects. Marne achieved 99% in Mathematics.
  • Talitha Vermeulen achieved a 94.7% aggregate average for her seven subjects and over 90% in all of them. 
  • Murray Malherbe achieved a 94.3% aggregate average across seven subjects, achieving 99% for Mathematics. Murray achieved over 90% for all his subjects.
  • Onalenna Matsaseng achieved an aggregate average of 93.7% and an A* (over 90%) for all seven subjects.
  • Hao Ran Dong achieved an aggregate average of 93.1 % in all seven subjects, with an A* for six subjects and 89% for one subject.
  • Tammi Grabner achieved a 93.1% aggregate average for all seven subjects, achieving over 90% (A*) for six subjects and 89% for one subject.
  • Anika Visser achieved an aggregate average of 93.1 for her eight subjects, achieving over 90% (A*) for six subjects and over 85% for two subjects.

Of the 48 students who wrote the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations in June 2022, 94% achieved over 70% average, 73% achieved an A aggregate, and 35% achieved over 90%. These results are testament to the exceptional standard of teaching at Reddam House Durbanville.

Nicholas Wergan, Inspired’s Global Education Director added, “Well done to all our IGCSE students for such excellent results – they worked hard to show their talent in these exams and deserve this success; a huge thank you to their fantastic teachers for enabling and inspiring such great outcomes and opening up exciting future pathways.”

Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired Education Group Africa, shares further insight on the Reddam House Durbanville offering: “Cambridge is the largest provider of international secondary examinations for students aged 14 to 18 years. As part of a global education group, we are exceptionally proud of the results that Reddam House Durbanville students regularly achieve in the Cambridge Student Achievement Awards, and we look forward to the announcement of the placement of this year’s cohort in the global Cambridge results early next year.”